About Us

At 27th Letter Books, we value curiosity, community, accessibility, inclusivity, sustainability, and equity.

While forming and evolving the bookstore, we want to create a place where exposure to new ideas and lifetime learning is at the center of our existence. This also means that it’s necessary to create a place that’s comfortable for all walks of life, and most importantly, comfortable for the community. We want to create a space that is not housed in the stereotypical “ivory tower” where many bookstores house themselves because, as a group of individuals, we do not represent the typical literary landscape (we’re Black-owned, woman-owned, Filipino-owned, neurodivergent-owned, veteran-owned, cancer-survivor-owned). As readers ourselves, we’ve found frustration within the current book world, where our selves are rarely represented in books. We can only read so many books by dead white guys (am I right?) and when our readership is included, the industry allows few voices and stories into the mix instead of others that are more representative of reality. 

To combat this, 27th Letter Books hopes to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, a place that includes, as co-owner Jake says, “something for everyone, a community where everyone is accepted no matter how strange.” That includes making books accessible for everyone by treating them as necessities, not luxuries. We hope to create a book buying model that allows readers from all social classes to engage with buying and owning books. 

Why work so hard to bring books to people? As cliche as it sounds, we believe that words have power and books have the ability to shape a generation. As owners, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the written word. 

“La pluma es la langua del alma.” --Miguel Cervantes

We invite readers to find their place at 27th Letter Books, if it’s through a book, an event, a workshop, or craft. 


Jazmine Cooper

General Manager & Co-Owner



Erin Pineda 

Events Manager & Co-Owner


Jake Spease

Art Manager & Co-Owner


Drew Pineda

Business Developer & Co-Owner