Customer Experience: Future Trends and Insights (Hardcover)

Customer Experience: Future Trends and Insights By C. Shaw, Q. Dibeehi, S. Walden Cover Image

Customer Experience: Future Trends and Insights (Hardcover)


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Customer Experience is now the key differentiator as consumers and businesses alike decide among competing brands. The authors explore growing trends in Experience Psychology, Social Media and Neuroscience and their impact on Customer Experience that businesses need to understand to gain preference, loyalty and market share.
COLIN SHAW is the CEO and Founding Partner of Beyond Philosophy. His background encompasses more than 20 years of working with some of the world's largest organizations culminating in his role as SVP of Customer Experience. As a sought after speaker, consultant, and executive coach, Colin has a very interactive style that uses thought provoking questions, humor and real life anecdotes. He is the author of three best-selling books on Customer Experience. QAALFA DIBEEHI is the Chief Operating and Consulting Officer with Beyond Philosophy and has earned Master's Degrees in International Business and Management, Statistics, Psychology, and Health Administration. He has won awards as a university professor and has 18 years of senior level expertise in the Customer Experience. Qaalfa is an experienced keynote speaker, and has been published in a variety of white papers, magazine and journal articles. STEVEN WALDEN has a Masters in Strategic Marketing focusing on segmentation methodologies and is Beyond Philosophy's Senior Head of Research and Consulting. With strong links to several leading business schools and 14 years of consulting expertise, Steven is a recognized expert in understanding how to use the emotions and the subconscious mind of clients and consumers to generate value and the application of value-in-use to experience.
Product Details ISBN: 9780230247819
ISBN-10: 0230247814
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
Publication Date: September 9th, 2010
Pages: 199
Language: English

Beyond Philosophy have been pioneers in defining the Customer Experience. This book reinforces their Thought Leadership position. It is a must read!' - Ivan Mainprize, VP Customer Experience, Membership Travel Services International, American Express

'I get a lot of companies wanting to talk to me about Customer Experience. There is only one company I would talk to, the Thought Leaders, Beyond Philosophy. Why accept second best?' - Bob Black, Managing Director, TNT, Australia

'We have worked with Beyond Philosophy for a number of years. Why? This book reinforces why. They are Thought Leaders and understand Customer's emotional drivers.' - Laree R. Daniel, Senior Vice President, Customer Assurance Organization. Aflac.

'Once again Beyond Philosophy demonstrates their thought leadership in the field of Customer Experience. An insightful book which shows us the future.' - Charmaine McDonald Senior Vice President, Customer Success. Clinical Solutions McKesson

'Following on from their previous ground-breaking books Beyond Philosophy Thought Leaders, Colin Shaw, Qaalfa Dibeehi and Steven Walden, now turn their attention to the future of Experience offering unique insights and ideas. The ideas on neuroexperience in particular are thought-provoking and consistent with the expected sea change towards individualised advertising and communication - this book reflects what's happening now at the crux of neuroscience and business.' - Professor Gemma Calvert, Co-Founder, Neurosense Limited & Chair of Applied Neuroimaging, University of Warwick, UK

'Read it and take action. This is cutting-edge.' - Subhra Das, Senior Vice President, du ( Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJSC)

'Great brands simply make a promise and then keep that promise. You make promises through advertising, promotion & sponsorships. Beyond Philosophy's unique proprietary methodologies help you deliver on your promise ruthlessly & consistently across every consumer touch point.' - Gary Keogh, Marketing Manager, Glenfiddich

'If you have anything to do with customer experience you must read this book. It shows the future! Beyond Philosophy = Thought leadership.' - Darren Cornish, Head of Customer Intelligence, Customer Experience, Axa Insurance

"For the past five years we have successfully focussed on improving our customer experience with the help and guidance of Beyond Philosophy. This book outlines the next steps of the journey."- Steve Elliott, Managing Director, Morgan Sindall

"A true insight to the future of customer experience. You may not be ready to react to each of these trends today but you need to prepare. This book a great starting point. These trends are the new ways to view the experience from the 'outside in' as opposed to the more common model of 'inside out'. Ignoring customer perceptions and feelings is perilous and it does not appear that this basic principle will change anytime soon." - Eva Choong, Director Customer Management, British Council

"We all talk about experience being the most important element of marketing, yet it is not often that new and original thinking comes in and excites the world of customer experience. Beyond Philosophy's new book surely reinforces their expertise in this field and invites us to discover the customer once again." - Lale Saral Develioglu, Chief Marketing Officer, Turkcell

"In the arts, audiences expect to have an emotional experience, which is why they are very loyal to their art form or particular performer. It is clear to me that the commercial world could learn from this. By shining a light on areas such as the emotions and the subconscious this book offers original insights and new perspectives on the future of Customer Experience Management." - Samir Savant, Director of Development, Royal College of Music