The Book On Retirement (Hardcover)

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The Book On Retirement (Hardcover)


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Retirement is multi-layered. Like the concept of success, it has a plethora of meanings, but holds available time as your most precious commodity. In the context of basic comforts in life - home, occupation, community, charity, etc. - there is no substitute for planning your finances for retirement.

Planning your financial future is one activity that few young people address, but one that becomes more important as we near retirement. The question of who you should discuss your future financial plans with becomes critically important. The usual suspects - parents, friends, accountants, financial advisors - are invariably willing to help, but who is best suited to the task?

The authors of this book answer this question decisively, as this becomes the cornerstone of your financial future. They discuss and present reasons why using a FIDUCIARY for your planning is so important. Furthermore, their extensive experience and real-life examples in taxation and investment retirement advice give you confidence and allow you to sleep better at night-knowing that you have planned your retirement with guidance that is best suited to your unique financial situation. This is surely. . .A Better Way

Product Details ISBN: 9781736988121
ISBN-10: 1736988123
Publisher: Impact Publishing
Publication Date: July 28th, 2022
Pages: 208
Language: English