Evangelist Marketing: What Apple, Amazon, and Netflix Understand About Their Customers (That Your Company Probably Doesn't) (Hardcover)

Evangelist Marketing: What Apple, Amazon, and Netflix Understand About Their Customers (That Your Company Probably Doesn't) By Alex L. Goldfayn Cover Image

Evangelist Marketing: What Apple, Amazon, and Netflix Understand About Their Customers (That Your Company Probably Doesn't) (Hardcover)


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In Evangelist Marketing, Alex Goldfayn argues that technology companies succeed in spite of their marketing, not because of it. He says that if consumer tech makers ceased all marketing activity today, they would not see a significant decline in sales.

In this book, Alex presents why the current state of overly-technical, features-oriented tech marketing, branding, communications and public relations is costing the industry billions of dollars—easy money that's voluntarily being left on the table.

Then he lays out a step-by-step system for creating intensely loyal brand evangelists based on deep consumer insights and simple, emotional language.

Evangelist Marketing is written for consumer tech companies big and small—from PC manufacturers to Web-based services. It's also sure to improve the work of their marketing and public relations agencies.
Alex Goldfayn is a secret weapon marketing consultant, advisor and speaker for the top consumer electronics manufacturers in the world, and their agencies. He helps clients with their brand strategy, marketing, messaging and positioning. Alex's clients include Blackberry, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Sony and TiVo. Alex is a former syndicated technology columnist for the Chicago Tribune.

He lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and children.
Product Details ISBN: 9781936661091
ISBN-10: 1936661098
Publisher: BenBella Books
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2012
Pages: 288
Language: English
"Alex does a masterful job of pulling together insights across different products and businesses and then communicating those insights in a practical and useful way so you can see how they apply to your own situation and the issues you are facing."
--Eric Stang, CEO of Ooma

"I loved this book. I've often wondered why are there so few legendary marketing leaders? Alex Goldfayn tells the inside stories of the most brilliant campaigns, demystifies the magic, and reveals the first principles from these marketing giants."
--John Sculley, former Apple CEO

"Alex cuts into the muscle of consumer electronics companies and identifies what distinguishes the beloved brands from the me-too brands. He challenges the assembly line orientation of organizations and details how to win avidity with consumers. This is a look-yourself-in-mirror book for anyone that wants to escape the sea of sameness."
--Bob Stohrer, VP Marketing, Virgin Mobile

"In Evangelist Marketing, Alex Goldfayn reminds us that technology is merely a means to an end and that while great products and great experiences are the ultimate drivers of demand, it shouldn't stop there. To truly reach mass market status and not leave money on the table, companies must energize their marketing efforts to create ‘evangelists' for their product or service. Alex' framework for reaching evangelist marketing nirvana is laid out in a clear step-by-step framework that if applied, will yield results."
--Chris Dobrec, Senior Director Product Marketing, Cisco

"Alex Goldfayn doesn't pull any punches with Evangelist Marketing. Every high-tech marketer should read this book."
--Tony Lee, Vice President of Marketing, TiVo Inc.

"Alex nails right on the head one of the big issues in tech companies today: The fact that too often engineers run marketing. This creates complicated products that people don't really want and therefore don't buy. I think everyone in the tech industry should read this book, highlight key points and share them in their next product development meeting."
--Brian S. Packer, Managing Director, ZAGG International, the creators of Invisible Shield

"If you work with consumers you should read this book. Alex demystifies the 'magic' that companies like Apple, Netflix, and Amazon tap into."
--Jon Dale, co-founder of Moolala